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Workshops for vulnerable adults - In Danish or English

Purpose: The purpose of my social workshop projects is to give vulnerable adults and young adults the opportunity to develop and enjoy their skills with focus on both artistic creativity and workmanship. Taking into account that each individual has competencies and interests within different areas I ensure that the whole process of building a piece of furniture is part of the workshop series.  

Each programme is defined and developed in collaboration with the personnel that are responsible for activities and that know the residents’/users’ needs.

The end product is a table and typically the legs are made of water pipes and fittings.


Start-up presentation: As a kick-off, I will make a presentation for the residents/users where I tell about my own background for making furniture and what I personally get out of it. I will bring finished tables so the residents/users can see clear examples of what the result can be. I will tell about the work process and all the tasks that need to be done. The purpose is to get as many interested in partaking in the work that they find interesting. Some like to make creative decorations while others prefer finishing and sanding and yet others want to construct legs.

Workshop days: Typically a workshop day is 4 hours. That is sufficient time to make progress yet short enough to not be too overwhelming. The number of workshop days is dependent on the group but the initial outset is 8 workshop days. There are tasks for different types of people with varying interests. Some tasks are of a practical nature, such as removing tiles or varnishing or sanding tasks. Some tasks require going in depth explanations, concentration and collaboration.

Planning: Working with adults with special needs requires flexibility. Rather than a predefined schedule, workshop days can be scheduled each week for the following week. The working days are coordinated between the personnel and me.

Contact me to get started

Contact me on or 26 50 7000. Initially we need to find out if the workshop series that I can offer is a match to the group’s capabilities and interests. We also need to define what the expected output and final product should be and how to best reach that goal. Based on that meeting I will make an estimate of time and materials required. If more time is required to complete the project then we will plan and estimate the additional work required. The same is true for materials.

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