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Banana Tree

The story goes that this wood is banana palm tree. Travelling to Bali, the original owner liked the floors in the house they had rented. He liked the rustic feel of the uneven planks and the mahogany colour.


Some years later, he and his wife decided to change out their dining table, so they started searching. They found this table in a small furniture store, where it took up quite a lot of space. He was sure that this was the table he wanted. It gave him a feeling of nostalgia, brought him back to Bali, with the uneven planks and its colour. His wife wasn't so sure, it was a bit big and a bit dark in her opinion. He asked the owner of the store about the table. It was made of banana palm tree and came from Bali. He succeeded in convincing his wife, and they bought the table.


When I found this table for sale, it was because they were moving to a smaller house, there wasn't room for it any longer. He seemed a bit hesitant to sell it, she was quite pleased to be rid of it.


​Candleholder is detachable and can be stored beneath the table.

Size: L 220 x W 110 x H 74 cm (custom height min 74 cm, no maximum)
Surface treatment: OSMO hard wax oil
Materials: Banyan wood, steel pipes
Imperfections: Yes