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Custom Work

Art has endless possibilities and together we can create the perfect pieces of art furniture for your home, the office, your shop or restaurant. 

There are many different approaches to custom work. The most important aspects are uniqueness, creativity and collaboration.


The Series: For an office it is often relevant to have numerous furniture for meeting rooms, lounge areas etc. The cornerstone in my artwork is creativity and that each piece, even in a series, still is unique.

Revamping the heirloom: Many of us have family heirloom furniture that has sentimental value but does not quite fit in. There is so much potential in old furniture that comes from eras were imperfections were expected and the quality of the materials solid and natural. I can take an old table and transform it to something new and fresh that matches your home.

Commissioned paintings for furniture: In collaboration with Isaac Malakkai, Michael Wisniewski and Rasmus Balstroem paintings can be commissioned and inserted into the tabletop that suits your liking best. 

Built in shelves and bookcases: I also do custom in-house work. So if you would like shelves or a bookcase that wraps around a corner or if you have ideas for other integrated solutions then contact me and we can find out how the coolest and best solution can be made. 

Contact me to get started

Contact me on or 26 50 7000. Let's have a talk about your thoughts and ideas and develop those together so that I can make artwork for you, that you will love. 

50% verdenskrise rabat

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