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Blue Leaf Birds

The year is 1976 and Nanna is 7 years old.


She hears her parents talking about moving to Roskilde. She doesn't want to move that far from Greenland. She doesn't want to move from Greenland at all. She has never travelled to Denmark before.


Her parents tell her that vikings lived in Roskilde many centuries ago. It doesn't help convince her, not even one bit. But they moved. Nanna doesn't remember if they moved in 1976 or 1977, but she remembers that her parents bought this table for their first home in Denmark.


​​This table is appropriate as a desk or a dining table.

Size: L 144 x W 73 x H 71.5 cm
Surface treatment: OSMO hard wax oil
Materials: Oak, art by Malakkai, epoxy, steel pipes and love
Imperfections: Handmade art