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About me

Half Czech, half Danish and nearly also half American, I was born in Denmark in 1975 and moved to Boston Massachusetts in 1982. First to return to Denmark in 1997.


Since childhood I visited one modern art museum after the next with my parents. Already at an early age I was touched by the emotions in the paintings by Frida Kahlo and by the surrealism in Salvador Dalí's and the colours of Wassily Kandinsky and the sculptures of Joan Miró.


Through the years I have studied ceramics, photography, serigraphy, lithography, watercolours, drawing, chalking, sculpting, oil painting, and made jewellery. I have always also been good with my hands. At 13 I redid my parents' kitchen, at 15 I was fixing the plumbing and at 17 I was changing oil filters and exhaust pipes. I have always loved cross-disciplinary projects, which is why I love making this furniture.


Creativity and humour, elegance and surprise are cornerstones in the art I make, and what is important to me is that my art does not need wall space, it does not stand in the way of everyday life and it is sustainble and has a story. Instead I wish to integrate art into everyday life by giving it a purpose, beyond just being attractive to the eye.