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16.000 DKK
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Plants Beneath

My ass is in the air, legs dangling and my hips are planted on the edge of the metal dumpster. I try to reach the red tank but my fingers no more than brush the surface. I wiggle a bit further into the dumpster, my balance is at its limit and still I can't get a hold of it.


"Hi," it's a guy's voice, "do you want some help?"


I wiggle my ass back, my legs dangling closer to the platform below until they touch and I lower myself down. Across my hips I am marked with a wide belt of brown rust, and a bit of blood from a rift stains my hand, my hair is tangled and I'm just plain dirty. He's good looking, but I don't think I blush. "Wow, I am happy you are here! Yes please, can you help me reach that red tank?"


He replies, "Sure. What do you need an old expansion tank for?"


"I have aboslutely no idea."


Live plants can replace the artificial. The halved red "hydronic expansion tanks" are watertight.​

Size: L 140 x W 100 x H 70 cm (custom height min 70 cm, no max)
Materials: Bevelled glass, hydronic expansion tanks, steel pipes, artificial plants 
Imperfections: Close to invisible