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Viby Hallen 1

Viby Hallen is a sports hall on the outskirts of Århus, Denmark. Many players of the Denmark national handball team have jumped, thrown, sweated and scored goals on these floors. In the 1980's the hall management laid a new floor directly on top of the original floor from the 1950's. History lies before you and here is a small selection of Denmark national handball players that have played for Viby:


Men's teams

1953/65 Mogens Olsen: 71 International matches/295 goals

1959/64 Egon Jensen: 31 International matches/71 goals

1973/80 Heine Sørensen: 61 International matches/128 goals

1976/81 Ole Nørskov Sørensen: 66 International matches/0 goals and 1980 Olympics

Women's teams

1978/83 Tina Flensborg Madsen: 59 International matches/81 goals

1982/86 Lise B. Jensen: 72 International matches/170 goals

1988/01 Janne Kolling: 250 International matches/756 goals and gold medals at 1996 and 2000 Olympics

1996/99 Lone Mathiesen: 22 International matches/37 goals


​Size: L 200 x W 100 x H 80 cm (custom height min. 74 cm, no max.)
Surface treatment: OSMO hard wax oil
Materials: Pine sports hall flooring in two layers, piping and epoxy  Imperfections: Bottom floor layer is from the 1950's. Top layer believed to be 1980's, so yes