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Incy Wincy Spider / Lille Peter Edderkop

F*ck. Time wasted! I can re-use the mould, but that damn spider! He must have rappelled down by his thread of silk. Arrgh! I look more closely, slide down my reading glasses from the crown of my head to the tip of my nose. Inspecting the damage I start feeling lucky. His legs stuck where he landed, close to the middle and far enough from the side that his legs didn't touch! Cooool! The piece was meant to be under another table, but now it deserved to be the centrepiece.


The full Danish Version of Incy Wincy Spider is not well known at all. The Danish title is translated to Little Peter Spider and was written by Knud Pfeiffer in 1948. The lyrics are about Peter's adventures:


After getting lost from his mother he crawled around and ended up in a hat. The hat belonged to a man and all of a sudden Peter was in the big city. He spun a web in a suitcase that brought him to America, where he met native chieftains, crawled to the top of skyscrapers before he got back in the suitcase again. The man took a ship, to return home again, and in a storm the ship lost course and harboured in Greenland. The moral of the lyrics is that you can do anything you put your mind to, just like Peter.


Size: L 140 x W 51x H 52cm (custom height min 48 cm, no maximum)
Surface treatment: OSMO hard wax oil
Materials: Oak, epoxy, artificial plants, steel pipes and 1 Danish spider 
Imperfections: Handmade art